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This blog provides information to those interested in CERT (Community Emergency Response Team) activities in The Ojai Valley, CA. CERT works in partnership with OVARC (Ojai Valley Amateur Radio Club) which provides Ham Radio Communications - http://www.ovarc.org/.

http://www.citizencorps.gov/cert is a good place to begin learning about CERT. The fact is, immediately after a major disaster, each of us will be on our own while Emergency Services Personnel (Fire, Hospital, Police, Hospitals, etc) figure out what happened and how to respond. CERT teaches valuable self-preservation skills and empowers each of us to be of service to ourselves, family, neighborhood and community. By integrating CERT with Ham Radio, citizens can effectively communicate actionable information from the field to the Emergency Operations Center -- help will be on the way sooner.

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Friday, June 25, 2010

Field Day 2010 - June 26th & 27th (Reagan Library)

Field Day 2010: Emergency Communication Drill To Be Held 26-27 June 2010

The Ventura Co. Amateur Radio Society (VCARS) will be joined by 5 other local amateur radio clubs to conduct annual Emergency Communications Drills during the American Radio Relay League's "Field Day 2010" event on the Grounds of the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library & Museum, Simi Valley, CA. Approximately 100 amateur radio operators will operate approximately 14 communications stations under emergency conditions. Solar power and batteries will power all transceivers. In addition to using voice, Morse Code, and data transmissions, an amateur radio TV station will be featured, and an amateur radio satellite ground station will be used to communicate with other Field Day 2010 groups throughout North America. "Ham Radio Works When Other Systems Don't"

VCARS will be joined by the Amgen Amateur Radio Club (AARC), Conejo Valley Amateur Radio Club (VCARC), Hollywood Hills QRP Contest Club (HHQCC), Simi Settlers Amateur Radio Club (SSARC), and the Ventura Co. Amateur Radio Club (VCARC) to conduct operations from 11 A.M. Saturday June 26th, 2010 until 11 A.M. Sunday, June 27th.

This marks the 10th consecutive year for VCARS to conduct Field Day operations from the Grounds of the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library & Museum.

The American Radio Relay League (ARRL) >>>>>>www.arrl.org<<<<< sponsors the annual nationwide Field Day to provide Emergency Communications Training & Practice for Amateur Radio Clubs and other groups of Radio Amateurs and to provide public awareness of Amateur Radio. More than 35,000 amateur radio operators (hams) will participate in Field Day 2010.

Amateur Radio "Special Events Callsign" "N6R" has been assigned by the Federal Communications Commission, for this event. "N6R" honors the lives of President Ronald and Mrs. Nancy Reagan.

Scouts from Boy Scout Troop #155 will also attend Field Day at the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library & Museum to conduct two-way amateur radio communications requirements to complete their "Radio Merit Badge" course. Please also refer to >>>>www.qrz.com/db/n6r<<<< for additional details and information.

A special feature of the Public Information Booth will be the Get On The Air (G.O.T.A.) Station to demonstrate amateur radio use and to let the general public to speak or use a digital (PSK) keyboard to talk with other amateur radio operators over the airwaves. PSK is a specialized way to transmit which enables the operator to send 'text-like messages' over thousands of miles without relying upon commercial cellphone service.

Amateur Radio’s very existence is internationally mandated by the International Telecommunications Union and is an integral part of the Communications Plans of the Department of Homeland Security and the Federal Emergency Management Agency (F.E.M.A.), and Ventura County Office of Emergency Services (O.E.S.). Even in today’s technological, cell phone, and e-mail oriented society, Amateur Radio Operators continue to provide both short and long distance emergency communications services during the loss of normal electric power, breakdown of normal cellular telephone networks, or failure of other local, state, & Federal communication services and during area emergencies and other augmentation needs. Many of our Amateur Radio Operators are current members of the Ventura Co. Auxiliary Communications Service (A.C.S.) which provides communications equipment and operators for local hospitals, Emergency Operations Centers (E.O.Cs.), colleges, and other facilities.

The public is invited to attend.

NOTE: News media personnel and V.I.P. guests shall check-in at the Public Information Booth located just outside the East entrance of the Library Quadrangle, immediately upon arrival for a briefing and tour of the Field Day stations. This is needed for safety and coordination concerns. Detailed Media/ V.I.P. briefing packets will be provided.


Peter Heins,
Ventura Co. Amateur Radio Society (VCARS) P.I.O.
806.796.6693 cell n6ze@aol.com

Monday, June 7, 2010

Checkout this really good web-site which teaches you all the things you can do to dramatically increase the chances of your home surviving a Wildfire.

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Amateur Radio Newsline Web-site

Amateur Radio Newsline™ is a free service to the amateur radio community. It is entirely supported by voluntary donations from individual amateurs and amateur radio clubs.

Checkout the link at Amateur Radio Newsline

Shakeout Drill 2010 - 10/21/10 at 10:21AM

I just completed re-registering Ojai Valley CERT for the upcoming Great California Shakeout Drill.

Please check out this web-site www.shakeout.org and prepare to "Drop, Cover and Hold-on" on October 21st, 2010 at 10:21 a.m